Ordinal Numbers

We use ordinal numbers every day. We don’t even realize this. Thus students must be taught these in a way that they can remember well.

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What are ordinal numbers?
Ordinal Numbers tell us the position of an object. For example, first tells us that object at number 1 is actually first in the position.
Students find it challenging to understand the difference between numbers and ordinal numbers.

Teaching ordinal numbers through a story:
Fun Time At The Sanctuary

Teaching ordinal numbers through activities:

a) Arrange and see: One of the easiest activities for early learners is lining objects up in a row. The best thing about this activity is that you can use anything of which you have an abundance. Eg: Lego, blocks, toys, cars etc.

b) Integrating with other subjects:
Teaching days of the week, and months of the year using ordinal numbers.

c) Cooking champion: When students join elders in cooking, say the recipe out loud and make them follow instructions. They will learn ordinal numbers in amazing real-life application ways.

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Ordinal numbers posters:

Ordinal numbers worksheets:

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