Indian System Of Numeration

The Indian place value system, being a fundamental concept in mathematics, forms the basis of our numeral system. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in helping us understand and represent numbers, utilizing digits and their respective places.

In this teaching guide, our primary objective is to help you explain the Indian place value system to children aged 9 to 11. To achieve this, we will utilize a variety of methods, including posters, worksheets, and engaging activities, in addition to captivating animated stories presented in videos.

The knowledge of place value helps us read, write, compare, and perform operations with numbers efficiently. The place value of a digit in a number in mathematics indicates its proper location. Place value charts help us to determine the proper position of digits in a number. Basically, 2 types of numeration system is followed, the Indian place value system and the International place value system.

A number’s place value indicates how much a digit is worth in relation to its position. We use commas as a separator to help us group the numbers into periods so that there is no confusion while reading really large numbers.

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Indian Place Value System :

  • Notably, the education system in India and South Asian countries follows this place value system.
  • Additionally, this place value chart encompasses nine places, with the ninth position representing ten crores and the first position denoting the ones. For whole integers, the order of place value progresses from right to left.
  • Within this system, the digits in a number are grouped into periods, segregated by commas. Digits in a number are arranged in the format of 2:2:2:3, signifying Ten Crores-Crores, Ten Lakhs-Lakhs, Ten Thousands-Thousands, and Hundred-Tens-Ones, respectively.
  • There are 4 periods in general-
    • Ones period of  3 digits in ones -tens- hundreds 
    • Thousands period of 2 digits in thousands- ten thousands
    • Lakhs period of 2 digits in Lakhs – ten lakhs 
    • Crore period of 2 digits in crores- 10 crores
  • For Example –  65, 23, 46, 759

Here the number will be 65 crores, 23 Lakhs, 46 Thousands, 7 Hundreds Fifty Nine.

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Teaching Indian place value system  with kid-friendly, clear, and easy-to-understand posters from Uncle Math School by Fun2Do Labs : 


Ignite kids’ curiosity with engaging stories for role play and skits, making the learning of this concept an exciting and effective experience. Teaching  Indian place value system  through stories from Uncle Math School by Fun2Do Labs :

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Learning the Indian place value system can be made enjoyable by incorporating interactive games and activities.

Hat Trick :

  • Write digits 0 through 9 separately on index cards or scraps of paper, then place them in a hat.
  • Ask children to pull 5 to 8 cards from a hat.
  • Instruct them to create various numbers. If a child draws the digits 3, 6, 2, 5, 9, 8, and 7, Encourage your child to create as many different numbers as they can using the cards.
  • Instruct the children to write the Indian place value of the largest and smallest numbers formed by the digits drawn by them.


Help your kids practise the Indian place value system with interesting and engaging fun worksheets and solutions from Uncle Math by Fun2Do Labs.

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