Math Story : 2 – Digit Multiplication

The Books In The Library

Narrator : Triho and Cirha like reading. They often visit Samper town’s library which is managed by Uncle Math’s friend Madam, Word.

Cirha and Triho : Hello, Madam Word.

Madam Word : Hello, children, I am glad to see you here. I need to go for some urgent work and need your help to take care of the library today.

Cirha : Sure, Madam Word.

[Suddenly they hear a weird noise.]

Triho : Who could it be?

[They rush to find out.]

Cirha : Oh no! Atrihos are attacking the library.

Atrihos : We want these best mathematics books to help our boss design deadly gadgets. Samper town will be over.

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Cirha : No! We cannot let Atrihos take the books from library.

Triho : I know how to deal with them.

[Cirha and Triho fight the Atrihos bravely.]

Atrihos : Argh! This time, you saved the library but we will come back stronger!

Cirha : Pheww! They are gone. Such a relief! But let us quickly check if we have all the books or not? I think we should ask for help from Uncle Math.

Uncle Math : I am here already. Mr Messenger informed me about the attack.

Cirha : There are 12 bookshelves and each shelf has 15 books. We are totally confused, Uncle Math. Please help us find the total number of books.

Uncle Math : Multiplying 12 and 15 will give us the count of total books.

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Cirha : But how? We only know how to multiply single-digit numbers.

Uncle Math : No fear! When I am here. [says Uncle Math and grabs a board.]

Uncle Math : Whenever we multiply two-digit numbers, there are certain steps that we follow. Let us learn the steps one by one.

Step 1 : Arrange the given numbers in the column according to their place value.

Step 2 : Now, we will first multiply the digit in ones place of the number at the bottom, with all the digits of the number at the top. So, on multiplying 5 by 12 we get 60.

Step 3 : Then, put zero as a place holder and multiply the tens digit of the bottom number by all the digits of the number at the top. On multiplying 1 by 12, along with the placeholder, we get 120.

Step 4 : Finally, adding both products will give us the final product.

Triho : So, by adding 60 and 120, we get 180.

Uncle Math : Absolutely correct!

[Cirha quickly counts if there were all 180 books.]

Triho : Woohoo! Atrihos could not take even a single book from the library. This is a relief.

Uncle Math : Thanks a lot, Cirha and Triho. Because of your bravery, we could save the town again.

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