Math Story : Ascending And Descending Order Of Bigger Numbers

The Gadget Treasure

“New notification! New notification,” announces Mr Message. It looks Uncle Math has received a new message. He quickly runs to see what it is.

Uncle Math jumps out of joy as he reads the notification. “This is awesome!” he says.  Uncle Math as he reads the message. But what is in the message?

There is a new hidden treasure of the most advanced gadgets in a mysterious land. “These gadgets will be beneficial for the betterment of the galaxy”, says Uncle Math and decides to take find the treasure. Meanwhile, Triho and Squarho overhear him.

“We will join you too”, say both of them. “But this journey is going to be tough and risky. I am unsure if we will be able to crack it”, says Uncle Math. But the kids are stubborn and deny listening to him.

They board their spacecraft and leave for the mysterious land. Apprehensive, excited and nervous! They have mixed feelings. Will they crack the treasure?

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Meanwhile, Acirho  Boss and his gang overhear their conversation and are elated! “Let them fight for the treasure! All we will do is follow them. In the end, when they discover the treasure, we will steal it from them! Haha! The Boss will be super happy! HaHa!” he says.

“Long live Acirho  Boss! Long live Uncle Bad! We will make everyone sad!” chant the gang members. They board their spacecraft to follow Uncle Math and the kids.

Uncle Math and the kids have landed on the mysterious land and are searching for hidden treasure. Suddenly, they spot a huge door. “This is so scary!” says Squarho. “I think the treasure is inside this”, suspects Triho. They decide to take the risk and enter the door.

As Uncle Math touches the door, it turns even bigger and scarier! “I am the Treasure Door! Remember, once you enter me, you cannot come out in between. As you proceed, you will have to unlock the doors by answering my questions. Enter, only if you don’t love your life”, warns the door.

But Uncle Math and the kids are stubborn. They decide to enter. Meanwhile, Acirho Boss and his gang are secretly waiting for them to get inside so that they can enter too!

Soon, a new door arrives! “To unlock me, scan the key with the largest number”, says the unknown voice. “Wow! Digital keys!” says excited Triho. “But these are bigger numbers on them. How will we crack this?” says scared Squarho. Which key should they use to unlock the door? Can you help?

“285 has 2 in the hundreds place. 345 has 3. Definitely, 200 is smaller than 300. So 285 cannot be the key”, says Squarho. “Correct! But 396 and 345 have 3 in the hundreds place. Which one is the right key?” says Triho. Both of them are confused.

“No fear when I am here!” says Uncle Math. “Whenever there are the same digits in the hundreds place, go to the tens place and compare the digits. Let us compare 396 and 345 now. Can you try now?” asks Uncle Math.

“345 has 4 in the tens place. 396 has 9. 9 is greater than 4. So 396 is greater than 345. Am I right?” says Triho. “Absolutely!” agrees Uncle Math. The kids are elated. They have found the right key. It’s time to unlock the door.

Triho quickly grabs the 396 key and scans it on the lock. Thudd! The door opens. They happily walk in for the next challenge.

 The next door arrives. “I’ll crack this using Uncle Math’s trick”, says Squarho. He closely observes the numbers and is confused.

“Oh no! These are 4- digit numbers. All of them have the same digits in their thousands and hundreds places. What do we do now?” says Squarho. “Haha! Let us check the tens place no”, suggests Triho. 

Observing the tens place of all the three numbers closely, clearly, 4589 is the key.

Triho grabs the key and scans it. Thudd! The door opens. Everybody is happy. Acirho  Boss and the gang are closely following them. But there is no trace of the treasure yet! Will another door lead them to the treasure? Let us find out.

Another door arrives! “This will have the treasure of gadgets”, predicts Squarho. Oh no! There are four keys this time. This is going to be tough. Which key would you pick to open the door?

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“There are two 3 digit numbers and two 4 digit numbers. Definitely, 4 digit numbers are greater than 3 digit numbers. So now we are left with 9998, 9999 keys”, says Triho. He has been smartly using the elimination trick to opt for the right key.

“Since the first 3 digits of 9998 and 9999 are the same. I will check the digit in ones place. Voila! 9999 is the right key. Correct?” says Squarho. “Perfect!” appreciates Uncle Math. He quickly scans the key and the door opens. Everybody is elated.

“Wohoo! So many gadgets”, says Triho as the new door presents the treasure to them. They are astonished! They explore the treasure and analyse the use of various gadgets. But suddenly they hear some strange yet known voice from behind. Who is it?

“HaHa! You fools! Hand over the treasure to us and leave if you want to stay alive”, says Acirho  Boss. The kids and Uncle Math realize that they followed them here to steal the treasure. But they are not ready to give up. They decide to fight with them.

Boom! Crash! Zap! Zoom! Uncle Math and the kids bravely fight with Acirho Boss and his gang. They teach them a very good lesson such that they run away for their lives. Haha!

“My dream has come true! These gadgets will help us in many ways”, says Uncle Math.  An amazing team, good critical thinking and the unlocked treasure! What a genius day it has been!

We Learnt That…

  • When arranging the numbers in increasing or decreasing order, compare their digits as per the place value. 
  • Start with
    1. Comparing the digits in the largest place value. 
    2. If they are the same, go to the next place value and compare the digits. 
    3. Repeat the process until you find the desired number.

Let’s Discuss

  • What type of objects were there in Candy Land?
  • What did we use to free Uncle Math from bad robots? Why?
  • How was Uncle Math feeling when he was kidnapped? How did his feelings change in the end?
  • When we work together, we work better”. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Please refer this guide by Fun2Do Labs for teaching number comparision to kids :