Math Story : Ascending And Descending Order Up To 10

The Office Attack

“Go destroy the government office of Samper town. We need to show our power to them. Haha! I am Atriho Boss! The smartest villain you will ever come across!” says a strange voice. “Yes, boss! Long live Atriho Boss!” says the Atriho gang. They are ready to follow their boss’s orders. 

Soon Atriho gang reaches the town. They start attacking the government office building. Triho and Squarho who were passing by, are shocked to see this. “We need to stop them”, says Triho. Both of them decide to fight them back. 

Bang! Boom! Crash! Both of them fight Atriho and his gang bravely. The bad robots run away to save themselves. 

“Look at the steps, Triho. They damaged them completely. The government officers will find it difficult to reach the second floor now”, says Squarho. They are disappointed.

“There must be some way to rebuild the steps”, says Triho. As he looks around, he finds something and immediately starts smiling. “I think I know how we can rebuild the steps Squarho!” he says. Squarho immediately lightens up.

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“Do you see those bricks over there? We can easily build steps using them. Being flat objects they will provide good support and will be easy to climb. What do you think?” says Triho. Squarho loves the idea and is all excited. 

First, they remove the old steps. Then one by one, they get the bricks close to the office to make the new steps.  

“Alright! Here I place 1 brick to form the first step”, says Triho. “And, here I place another brick next to it to form the next step”, says Squarho. 

“Squarho, if you place the bricks at the same level, how will you reach the top floor? We will have to increase the height of the steps”, says Triho. He picks a new brick and places it over Squarho’s brick to form the second step.

“That means every time we make the next step, we can just increase the number of bricks by 1. Right?” says Squarho. Triho agrees with him. Soon they build the third step using 3 bricks, the fourth step using 4 bricks, the fifth step using 5 bricks, and the sixth step using 6 bricks.

“Oh No! We cannot reach the top floor roof yet. We will need more steps”, says Triho. 

They build the seventh step using 7 bricks, the eighth step using 8 bricks, the ninth step using 9 bricks and finally the tenth step using 10 bricks. “Hurray! I can reach the top floor now”, says Squarho. 

Both excited, they start playing on the steps. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10! We count the steps as we go up!” sings Squarho. 

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! We count the steps as we come down!” sings Triho. Together, they sing, dance and hop on the steps.

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“Uncle Math who was passing by gets shocked to see the new steps. “Oh no! What happened to the steps?” he asks. Quickly Triho and Squarho narrate the entire story of the attack and how they decided to build new steps. 

“Oh! Good job kids! But did you notice something while you were counting and hopping on the steps?” says Uncle Math. Both the kids are puzzled. “The number of bricks increased while moving up and it decreased while coming down”, he explains.

“Oh yes!” says Triho. “Unconsciously, you arranged the stones in ascending and descending order”, says Uncle Math.

“When we say the numbers are in ascending order, we arrange them in increasing order i.e small to big“, explains Uncle Math.

“When we say the numbers are in descending order, we arrange them in decreasing order i.e big to small,” adds Uncle Math. Triho and Squarho look at the steps and make connections.

The kids are elated. They could build the steps all by themselves without being aware of ascending and descending order. Sometimes we solve complex problems without even knowing the concepts and the solutions turn out to be magical. Remember, every problem has a solution, all we need is to be creative and problem solvers.

We Learnt That…

  • When we say the numbers are in ascending order, we arrange them in increasing order i.e small to big.
  • When we say the numbers are in descending order, we arrange them in decreasing order i.e big to small. 
  • Every problem has a solution, all we need is to be creative.

Let’s Discuss

  • Who attacked the government office? Why? 
  • How did we build the new steps? 
  • What is ascending and descending order? Explain. 
  • Do you like problem-solving? Give one example where you solved some problem.

Experience the immersive video version of this captivating story by clicking the link below, and let the excitement come to life :

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