Math Story : BODMAS Rule

The Quest For Magic Buttons

Cirho : Uncle Math, will you please come and play with us?

Uncle Math : Cirho, I have lots of complex equations to solve. I cannot come until I finish all of these equations. Sorry!

Squarho : Uncle Math, is there any gadget that can fasten the process?

Uncle Math : Yes, there is one way. There is a gadget, that could speed up the process. That is a BODMAS gadget, but I lost all the 6 magic buttons on it.

Squarho : Uncle Math, what is BODMAS?

Uncle Math : BODMAS is the acronym that helps us solve any equation in the correct order. B stands for Brackets, O stands for Orders, D stands for Division, M stands for Multiplication, A stands for Addition and S stands for Subtraction.

Cirha : Uncle Math, how can we find the missing buttons?

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Uncle Math : It is a long process. To make this gadget work, we need 6 magic buttons to fill in these empty slots. These can be collected from 6 different planets by following this map in the correct order. Are you all ready for this adventurous ride?

Squarho, Triho, Cirha and Cirho : Yes, Uncle Math. Let us go!

Uncle Math : Cirha, open the map. Where should we go first?

Cirha : The map starts at planet B.

Uncle Math : Okay, let us go to planet B first.

Cirho : Wow! Look at this planet, it is all blue. Are we landing here?

Uncle Math : Yes, Cirho. This is the planet B, here B means Brackets.

Uncle Math : According to the BODMAS rule, we need to solve the brackets first in any equation. Let me enter the equation here.

Uncle Math : See kids, as three plus five is enclosed in brackets, it is magically replaced by eight on planet B. We have got the first magic button!

Squarho : Hurray! We did it.

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Uncle Math : WOW! This perfectly fits.

Squarho : To which planet should we go next, Uncle Math?

Uncle Math : Planet O, O is the order of powers or roots. Let us go!

[Uncle Math enters the partially solved equation.]

Cirha : Uncle Math, The magic button has appeared but the equation is still the same. Why is it so?

Uncle Math : This equation did not have any power or root so it has remained the same and we got the second magic button as well.

Cirha : Hurray! We already have collected two magic buttons.

Cirha : Uncle Math, look Planet S is so close to us. Shall we go to planet S first?

Uncle Math : No! We cannot do that. We need to strictly follow the order of BODMAS. Which means we need to go to Planet D next.

Cirha : Wow! Uncle Math, what does D refer here?

Uncle Math : D here refers to Division. This planet solves the division in any equation. Let us begin.

[Uncle Math enters the partially solved equation.]

Cirho : Woohoo! Another magic button.

Triho : Yaay! Three more to go.

Uncle Math : Kids, this is planet M. M here refers to Multiplication. This planet will help us solve the multiplications in any equation.

[Uncle Math enters the partially solved equation.]

Uncle Math : Here comes the magical multiplication button.

Cirho : We are almost done, two more to go. Let us head towards the next planet.

Uncle Math : This is planet A, this planet will help us with addition. Now, I will enter the equation.

Uncle Math : Here, we get the sum of eighteen and four, along with the next magical button of addition.

Squarho : Another magic button. Yaay! Just one last to go. Let us head to our final destination.

Triho : Uncle Math, S here stands for Subtraction, right?

Uncle Math : Absolutely correct, Triho. This planet will help us with subtraction in any equation.

Uncle Math : Wow! We solved the whole equation and got the final magic button as well. Our BODMAS gadget is complete. Now, we can easily solve all the complex equations.

Triho, Cirha, Cirho and Squarho : Hurray! We completed our BODMAS gadget.

Cirha : Uncle Math, can we now solve all the equations at once?

Uncle Math : Yes, Cirha, we can.

Squarho : Wow! BODMAS gadget is so quick. As all the equations are solved, we can go and play now.

Uncle Math : Yes, Squarho absolutely.

Triho, Cirha , Cirho and Squarho : Hurray!

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