Math Story : Cone And Its Basic Properties

Uncle Math And His Birthday

It is Uncle Math’s birthday. All the kids want to organize a grand party for him. “Let us also invite all his teacher friends. They can also help us in planning this surprise”, suggests Triho. Kids like the idea and decide to go ahead with it.

They call and invite all the teacher friends and narrate their plan to them. They immediately decide to come over.

“This is a lovely idea”, says Madam Word. All the teachers love this idea of a surprise party for Uncle Math. Everybody decides to divide the tasks among each of them so that they can complete all the work quickly.

Squarho and Triho decide to make some delicious ice creams and cake. The teachers decide to decorate the place. Lastly, Cirho and Cirha decide to make a beautiful birthday cap for Uncle Math. Everybody gets to their work.

Squarho and Triho are mixing the ice cream base. Teachers blow some balloons and cut out other decoration items.

But in one corner of the room, Cirha and Cirho are sad. Why? There are so many torn papers on the floor. It looks like they are unable to make the birthday cap.

They try once more. This time, Cirha cuts a circle shape and one triangle shape. She sticks the triangle paper over the circle.

“What kind of birthday cap is it?” questions Cirho as Cirha tries the cap herself. “Uncle Math will not like this. Everybody is doing so well. We are unable to make a small cap. We are so useless!” claims frustrated Cirha.

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With heavy hearts, Cirha and Cirho try to ask other teachers to help them out. As they are busy with their task, teachers ask them to wait. This makes them even angrier, and they throw the papers away.

“Ding! Dong!” Suddenly the doorbell rings. Oh no! Uncle Math has come home. The surprise is not ready yet.

“Wow! I am so touched by all the love you have shown. Thank you so much”, says Uncle Math. He likes their efforts and starts helping them as well.

He sees that Cirha and Cirho are sad. He goes near them and enquires. “You’re sad just because you could not make a cap? It is okay, children! Come, I will teach you how to make a cap”, says Uncle Math. He quickly grabs a sheet of paper. Cuts a triangle from it. Rolls the triangle paper and sticks the open edges.

“Tadaa! The cap is ready”, says Uncle Math. Cirha and Cirho try the cap and are delighted.

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“But why did our design not work?”, asks Cirha. “ Kids! You did not create a space for the cap to stay. When I rolled the triangle paper, it created a circular base and some space inside, which made it easy to balance on the head. Basically, I made a cone shape”.

“A cone shape has one circular base, one corner, and no edges. Just like this birthday cap”, adds Uncle Math. Cirho and Cirho are happy again.

Both of them make more cone shape birthday caps for others as well. The decoration is ready, and the delicious ice cream and cake too. It is party time!

The kids, teachers and Uncle Math celebrate his birthday together. Everybody is enjoying the party. Squarho runs to get the ice creams for everyone.

“Squarho, your ice creams are also in a cone shape. Wow!” says Cirha.

Meanwhile, Cirho can’t wait and snatches one ice cream. Everybody laughs and takes their share of ice cream. What a beautiful day it is.

We Learnt That…

  • Cone is a 3D shape.
  • A cone has one circular base, one corner, and no edges.
  • A task does not decide our capabilities.
  • All of us are unique and special in our own way.

Let’s Discuss!

  • Whose birthday was it?
  • Why were Cirho and I sad?
  • What was the shape of the hat that Uncle Math made? Explain.
  • Uncle Math loved the gesture of the party than just focussing on the gifts, decorations. What does this tell us about him?

Please refer this guide by Fun2Do Labs for teaching solid shapes to kids :