Math Story : Counting Numbers Up To 10

Triho’s Surprise Birthday Party

Woohoo! It is Triho’s birthday. Everybody is super excited. Cirha wants to organize a surprise birthday party for him. “Let us keep colourful birthday caps,  some party poppers, a cake and many balloons. What say?” she suggests. “Yes! That sounds perfect”, say Squarho and Cirho. Immediately, they leave for the Cake Shop. 

Suddenly, Cirha realises something. ”Hey! We did not find out how many of each item we need for the party. Did you guys find out?” she asks. Confused, Cirho and Squarho deny in unison.

Together, they try hard to find how many of each item they require. But they fail. Disappointed, they say, “We need Uncle Math’s help”. 

“Hello! Uncle Math”, they wish together. “We need your help in planning a surprise party for Triho’s birthday”, says Cirha. She narrates their problem and Uncle Math listens calmly. 

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“Hmm! Only counting and numbers can help you”, replies Uncle Math. The kids are puzzled and wait for his explanation. “The method of finding ‘how many’ is called counting. We count using numbers”, he explains.  

“I will teach you how to count. Come on! Let us get into the Cake Shop”, says Uncle Math. 

Taking some birthday caps from the shelf he asks, “How many caps do I have now? I have 1 cap”. 

Uncle Math continues and uses the caps to count numbers up to 10. “How many caps are these?” he asks. 

“Now, to find out how many caps, balloons, party poppers and cake you need, start with counting the number of guests invited to the party”, says Uncle Math. “Triho, Squarho, Cirho, Uncle Math, and I. That is 5 of us. So we will need five birthday caps“, counts Cirha. 

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She continues, “Squarho and Cirho will use the party poppers. That means 2 party poppers. We would need balloons to decorate the table and room. Let’s take 8 balloons. 

“Finally, we need 1 cake!” says Cirha. “Yayy! We know how many items we need now”, says excited Cirho. “Let us quickly buy the items”, says Squarho. 

Triho loves the birthday surprise. They cut the cake and have a blast. Seeing Triho happy, Cirha says to herself, “I am happy that we could successfully organize this party despite being unable to count numbers of items initially. Counting and numbers are so helpful”.

We Learnt That…

  • The method of finding ‘how many’ is called counting.
  • We count using numbers.
  • We should always care for our loved ones. 
  • Where there is a will there is a way.

Let’s Discuss

  • Whose birthday was it? 
  • How we used birthday caps to count upto 10, can you show counting using different objects?
  • I showed leadership quality by organizing the party and reaching out to Uncle Math. Have you displayed such leadership qualities? Explain?
  • We took the help of Uncle Math to solve the problem. Is it okay to always ask for help? Why or why not?

Experience the immersive video version of this captivating story by clicking the link below, and let the excitement come to life :

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