Math Story : Distributive Property Of Multiplication

Asquarho Boss And Mr Printer

“We must be extra careful now! Mr Bad will not keep quiet,” says Uncle Math. The kids agree with him and plan safety and precautionary measures for future danger.

“Don’t worry boss. You do not have to go yourself to do this small task. I will take care of it. And this time you won’t be disappointed,” says Asquarho Boss while talking to his boss Mr Bad. But what task are they talking about?

Mr Bad is planning an attack to regain the powers of one of his boot camps from Uncle Math and the kids. For that, he has decided to train the army himself. But Asquarho is willing to do this by himself so that his boss can trust him again.  

“Alright! I will give you another chance Asquarho Boss,” says Mr Bad and hands him over a new gadget that he had designed. “This is Mr Printer. Remember, you need to enter the total number into it, and it will give you that many weapons for the army,” he adds. Asquro Boss nods in agreement and leaves.

As Asquaroh Boss stands in front of the army with Mr Printer, he thinks, “ There are 15 members, and they will have 2 weapons each. Then how many weapons in total do I need?” Despite thinking hard, he is unable to find the answer.

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“Hahaha!” laugh the army members seeing their boss unable to use the Mr Printer. Asqurho Boss’s eyes are down, his shoulders have dropped, and he is looking down. “This is bad! He is feeling insulted and is sad,” says Atriho Boss to himself from one corner.

Oh! Atriho Boss was passing by, and he saw Asquaro Boss struggling. He could not see his friend being sad. So, he decides to help but secretly without harming the reputation of his friend in front of the army.

“To find the total number of weapons, use multiplication,” he whispers such that Asquarho Boss can listen to him. Surprised to hear an unknown voice, Asquarho Boss looks here and there to find out who is it. The same voice repeats and this time he understands that someone is trying to help.

“But how? 15 is such a big number. Multiplying this will be difficult,” replies Asquarho Boss. “Break the number and then try,” whispers Atriho Boss. But he does not understand how. Atriho is thinking of various ways to help him.

“Idea! I can write the solution and show him. He can then use the similar process for future use,” says Atriho. He quickly grabs a paper and pen and starts writing the solution.

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Soon Asquaroh Boss receives a paper that has something written on it. He enters 30 in Mr Printer. It immediately starts printing the weapons.

He then starts distributing the weapons to the army. Voila! The count is perfect. Seeing this, he jumps with joy.

He decides to thank this strange voice and runs to find him. ”Atriho? Did you help me?” says shocked Asquarho. Atriho nods in agreement. Asquaroh Boss is overwhelmed. A friend in need is a friend indeed right?

“But how did you solve such complex multiplication?” he questions. “I used distributive property of multiplication,” says Atriho. “To distribute means to divide something. And here I distributed the bigger number 15 into two chunks of smaller and easier numbers so that I can multiply faster,” he adds.

“Because I divided the bigger number into smaller numbers, I can easily multiply each number individually and finally add the result to find the final answer like this,” says Atriho showing the paper. Asquarho Boss is amazed looking at the simplicity of this property.

“I will use this simple method in future as well. You saved me!” says Asquarho Boss. Atriho smiles and decides to leave. Asquare-o Boss decides to focus on the practice now.

It takes a big heart to help anyone. Friends are friends whether they belong to the good side or the bad side. What a beautiful day it was.

We Learnt That…

  • To distribute means to divide something.
  • The distributive property of multiplication states that when a number is multiplied by the sum of two numbers, the first number can be distributed to both of those numbers and multiplied by each of them separately, then adding the two products together for the same result as multiplying the first number by the sum.
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Let’s Discuss

  • Why did Asquarho Boss wish to train the army?
  • Why did Atriho Boss decide to help him secretly?
  • How did Atriho Boss find the total number of weapons?
  • Explain the distributive property of multiplication. 
  • Atriho Boss proved to be a true friend. Are you a true friend too? Do you have true friends? Who are they?

Please refer this guide by Fun2Do Labs for teaching properties of multiplication to kids :