Math Story : Growing Patterns

Trip To Growing Pattern Land

Narrator: It is adventure time. Uncle Math is taking everyone to another mysterious land. Uncle Math: We are going to the Growing Pattern Land.

Cirho: Does everything just keep growing and growing there?

Uncle Math: Yes! Everything there keeps growing, but differently. You will see. Narrator: “Swish! Swoosh! Whoosh!” They are ready to land on the mysterious land.

Cirha: Hey, look the trees are growing in size. [says Cirha as they roam around the Growing Pattern Land. But Squarho is clueless.]

Cirha: Squarho, see how the layers are increasing by 1 with each new tree. The 1st tree has 1 layer, the 2nd tree has 2 layers, the 3rd tree has 3 layers, and so on. [Squarho is clear now.]

Triho: Look here! There are so many caterpillars. Even their body is growing in numbers. Wow!

Narrator: The kids come closer and observe the caterpillars. Yes! Their bodies are also increasing by two.

Cirho: Look at those beautiful buildings. 1 floor, 4 floors and 7 floors. Wow! The floors of the building are growing by 3.

Uncle Math: Now do you get how things grow differently on Growing Pattern Land? Cirha, Cirho, Triho, and Squarho: Yes, Uncle Math.

Uncle Math: Everything here is growing in a pattern. Such patterns are called growing patterns. A growing pattern is one in which something new is added every time the sequence repeats. Like in trees, every time a new layer was added, in caterpillars two new body circles were added, and finally, in buildings, every time three new floors were added.

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Narrator: ’Thud! Thud! Thud!’ They hear the sound of heavy steps suddenly. Slowly, the sound gets louder, and the ground starts vibrating too.

Squarho: What is happening? [Everybody is tense and nervous.]

Cirha: Oh no! The growing monster! [screams Cirha as she spots someone at a distance.]

Narrator: Suddenly, there appears a growing monster whose eyes are growing in numbers.

Cirho: So scary! He will eat all of us.

Narrator: Uncle Math guides everyone to run towards the spacecraft. The scary monster follows them.

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Narrator: Soon, they spot their spacecraft at a distance. But there is a problem! The bridge leading to the spacecraft is incomplete. But the monster is very close. What can they do to save themselves?

[It looks like Triho has a plan.]

Triho: The bridge also has a growing pattern. See the blocks are increasing by 1 following the order of blue and red blocks. Let us quickly complete the bridge following the same growing pattern.

Uncle Math: Yes , let’s complete the pattern.

Narrator: Together, they start building the bridge using the blocks. They start with adding 3 blue blocks, then 3 red blocks. Unable to reach the spacecraft yet, they continue. Can you guess how they add the blocks to complete the bridge?

Narrator: They added 4 more blue blocks and 4 more red blocks to complete the growing pattern on the bridge. Finally, they are able to complete the bridge.

[The scary monster also followed them on the bridge.]

Squarho: Run! Run!

Narrator: They swiftly reach the spacecraft and board it.

Narrator: Uncle Math flies it as quickly as he can. The scary monster could not catch them. Hurray!

Narrator: Trip to Growing Pattern Land was full of adventures. As they head back home, they all sigh in relief.

Cirho: Uncle Math, we should also get chocolates following a growing pattern every day.

Cirha, Squarho, and Triho: Good idea!

[all laugh]

We Learnt That…

  • A growing pattern is one in which something new is added every time the sequence repeats.
  • Growing patterns can be formed using numbers, shapes, and objects.

Let’s Discuss!

  • Where were we going today?
  • What were the different objects on Growing Pattern Land? How were they growing?
  • What is a growing pattern? Explain with an example.
  • If you had to create your own growing pattern, what would it look like?

Experience the immersive video version of this captivating story by clicking the link below, and let the excitement come to life :

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