Math Story : HCF By Long Division Method

Pathway To HCF

Cirha : Hello, Uncle Math. Can you teach us HCF using the long division method?

Uncle Math : Sure! HCF means Highest common factor. Let’s make it a fun competition.

Cirha and Triho : What kind of competition, Uncle Math?

Uncle Math : Well, you both will swap turns being the divisor or dividend as we go through the division. The winner will be the one who is the divisor when the remainder becomes zero.

Uncle Math : We will determine the HCF of 8 and 68 Triho, you can start with the number 8, and Cirha, you can take the number 68.

Cirha and Triho : Okay, Uncle Math.

Triho : So, I will be the divisor.

Cirha : And I will be the dividend.

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Uncle Math : Yes!

Cirha : That means I will stand under the division hat.

Triho : Since I am the divisor, I will stand outside the division hat.

Uncle Math : That’s right!

Uncle Math : Triho, can you tell us by what number we should multiply 8 to get a result close to 68?

Triho : When we multiply 8 by 8, we get 64. When we multiply 8 by 9, we get 72, which is greater than 68. So, I think we should go with 64.

Uncle Math : Great! Triho, now it’s your turn to be under the division hat.

Triho : I will jump inside the hat along with number 8 and be the dividend.

Cirha : I will jump outside the division hat. As 68 minus 64 is 4, my value will be 4 and I will be the divisor.

Uncle Math, Cirha and Triho : 1…2…3…Jump!

Atriho Boss : HA HA HA HA!

Triho : Uncle Math! My number…

Cirha : Oh no! Atriho Boss strikes again.

Uncle Math : No fear! When I am here. Do not worry! I will get it back.

Narrator : Uncle Math goes after Atriho Boss.

Triho : Oh no! How will we find the HCF of 8 and 68 now?

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Cirha : Do not worry! Uncle Math will bring it back.

Uncle Math : Here is the dividend. Now continue the Division.

Triho : Thank you, Uncle Math, for getting the dividend back from Atriho Boss. 4 multiplied by 2 is 8, which is perfect because my value is 8. There is no remainder.

Cirha : Done! Uncle Math, we have solved the whole problem. But what is HCF here?

Uncle Math : Haha! I was just about to explain that. Since Cirha is the divisor when the remainder is zero, Cirha’s value is the HCF of 8 and 68. So, the HCF is 4.

Uncle Math : Cirha is the winner.

Cirha : Hurray!

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