Math Story : Importance Of Bill

When Cirho Is Cheated

“It looks like you have had a great time shopping the groceries”, says Uncle Math, seeing Triho with two big shopping bags. He smiles at Uncle Math and agrees with him. “So, how much did this cheese cost you?” questions Uncle Math.

Oops! Triho does not remember the price of the cheese. He quickly checks the bottom of the box to find the cost, but to his surprise, there is no cost mentioned on it. “I don’t know how much I paid for it”, he says disappointedly.

Uncle Math quickly takes the bag from Triho and takes out a list written on a thin sheet of paper. “The cheese costs 50 coins”, he says. Triho is surprised. “How did you know this? And what is this paper?” he asks. “This is a Bill!” answers Uncle Math.

“The slip of paper on which a shopkeeper notes down the purchased items of a customer and calculates the total cost of items purchased is called a Bill”, he explains. “So you purchased from the shop ‘Samper Groceries’ on 31st October 3010. You bought ten items and paid 500 coins! Am I right?” he asks.

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Triho is surprised. “Yes! And you got to know all this through the bill. Wow! Bill is so useful”, he says. “It serves as a record for the customer regarding purchases. Always collect your bill after every purchase from the shopkeeper”, says Uncle Math. Both of them leave for their houses.

After some days, Cirho runs and comes to Triho. He looks sad and worried. “I have been cheated! That shopkeeper is not listening to me!” he says. Unable to understand anything, Triho asks him to explain everything in detail.

“I wanted to paint my cupboard with magical paint. I heard that planet Mars has a great collection of such magical paints. So in
the morning, I went to planet Mars to purchase the magical paint bottle from a stationary store”, explains Cirho.

“After purchasing, when I boarded the spacecraft to come back home, I noticed that the bottles were actually empty. So I went back and complained about the same. The shopkeeper denied it and said that the bottle does not belong to his shop. What should I do now?” he sobs.

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Triho gets furious. “After the purchase, did he give you a slip of paper?” he questions. “Yes!” Cirho answers. He quickly collects it
from Cirho to go through it. “Got it! This bill will help us now, Cirho!” he says.

“Let’s go to the store on planet Mars”, says Triho.

Soon they land on the planet and reach the store.

“This bill is proof that Cirho purchased the paint from your store. It has your store name, date of purchase, number of items purchased, their price, and the total amount. Now stop cheating and give him the filled paint bottle”, warns Triho.

Seeing a kid know about the bills, the shopkeeper is afraid. He quickly takes out a fresh paint bottle and hands it over to Cirho.
“Do not cheat any more customers”, warns Triho. Cirho is thrilled and they leave.

“I never realized that the bills can also help us this way. I shall always keep the bills safely from now on”, he says. Triho smiles,
and they fly back home happily.

We Learnt That…

  • The document on which a shopkeeper notes down the purchased items of a customer and calculates the total cost of items purchased is called a Bill.
  • Bills serve as a record for the customer regarding purchases.
  • We should always collect the bill after every purchase.
  • We should always stand up for the rights of others.
  • It is our responsibility to promote the right behaviour in society.

Let’s Discuss

  • How did Uncle Math find out the cost of cheese?
  • What is a bill? Why is it important?
  • How did I help Cirho?
  • I raised voice against the shopkeeper who was cheating. Was I right?
  • Have you raised voice against a wrong deed? Explain?

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