Math Story : Introduction To Percentages

Percentage Planet Disaster

“Uncle Math! Are you there? Uncle bad and his army attacked us this morning with fireballs. Our homes, our shops and the planet are on fire. Our fractions, decimals and percentage citizens are lost. Please help us”, reads a message on Mr Messenger. But whose message is this? 

The message was from Mr Percentage from the Percentage planet. He is responsible for taking care of the planet and solving issues if any. “When will Uncle bad stop all this. Doesn’t he have any sympathy?” asks frustrated Cirha. But it is not a time for discussing all this. It is time to take action. 

Without wasting any more time, Uncle Math, Triho and Cirha leave for the Percentage planet. “So fractions, decimals and percentages live together on this planet?” asks Cirha. “Yes! Every family consists of one fraction, decimal and percentage. They are the best triplets that live peacefully here”, explains Uncle Math. 

Soon, they land on the Percentage planet. All they see is fire, chaos and sorrow around them. Triho and Cirha are disheartened. “Help me! I cannot find my fraction and decimal siblings”, says one of the citizens. “Help me too! I cannot find my decimal and percentage siblings. I can’t live without them”, says another citizen. 

 “This is worst! Let us help quickly get to work”, says Triho. But how can the kids help the citizens here? 

“Listen to me carefully! First, we will find the lost family members to complete the families. Later, we will fix their houses so they can live peacefully again”, says Uncle Math. “But how do we complete the families? I do not understand anything,” says Cirha. “No fear when I am here,” says Uncle Math. 

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“Look around, what do you see?” asks Uncle Math. “All these are fractions with 100 as the denominator”, answers Triho. “Such fractions with denominator 100 are called percentages”, he says. 

“Per means for each and cent means 100. So percentage literally means for every 100. That is why it always has 100 in the denominator, and we indicate them by using this percentage symbol %.  For example, 5/100 is nothing but 5%. We read it as five per cent. Similarly, 12/100 is 12% and so on”, explains Uncle Math. 

“Oh! Now I get it. We will quickly go and help 8/100, 24/100, 354/100 find their percentage siblings”, says Cirha and runs to help them. “ 8/100 your percentage sibling is 8%. 24/100 yours is 24% and 354/100 yours is 354%. Look there, they are also looking for you,” she says. 

8/100 – 8%, 24/100 – 24% and 354/100 – 354% finally unite. Cirha and Triho are elated. “But we cannot find our decimal sibling. Can you help us please?” they say together. Fractions, decimals and percentages are the best triplets after all. But how can the kids find decimal siblings here? Can you help?

“Oh wait! I think I can solve this. 8% is nothing but 8/100. It has two zeroes in the denominator. That means its decimal will have two digits after the decimal point. So 8/100 becomes 0.08 as a decimal. Finally 8%= 8/100 = 0.08. Hurrah! We have solved this,” celebrates Triho. The citizens are happy too. 

Can you find the decimals of 24% and 354% now? 

“Hurrah! This is brilliant. Fractions, decimals and percentages are so related,” say Cirha and Triho.

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“But I cannot find my percentage sibling”, says 0.15 decimal. Can you help Triho and Cirha in finding the sibling?

“0.15 has two digits after the decimal point. That means it is 15/100, which is equal to 15%. Perfect!” says Cirha. Finally, 0.15 is happy to find his percentage sibling. Uncle Math is proud of Cirha and Triho. They have been swift in helping the citizens. 

“Alright! Let us set the houses now,” says Uncle Math. Triho, Cirha, Uncle Math and Mr Percentage help citizens fix their houses again. 

“Phew! Finally, the citizens are happy. Thanks a lot, Uncle Math and the kids. This would not have been possible without your help,” says Mr Percentage and the citizens. Triho, Cirha and Uncle Math are glad that they were helpful. 

“So much love on this planet. I now understand the importance of my friends and loved ones,” says Triho. The Percentage planet did not just teach them the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages, but also discovered the importance of loved ones in our lives. A beautiful day indeed.

We Learnt That…

  • Per means for each and cent means 100.
  • Percentage means for every 100.
  • The percentage is a special type of fraction that always has 100 in the denominator, and we indicate them by using this percentage symbol %. 
  • Percentage, decimals and fractions are all related and can be converted into each other forms.

Let’s Discuss

  • Who called Uncle Math? Why?
  • How did we complete the families on the Percentage planet?
  • What are percentages? Explain with an example.
  • How are percentages, fractions and decimals related? Explain.
  • The Percentage planet taught us the importance of loved ones. Do you also understand the value of loved ones in your life?

Please refer this guide by Fun2Do Labs for teaching types of percentage to kids :