Math Story : Number Names

The Wheel Of Numbers

Triho : What are we learning today, Uncle Math?

Uncle Math : Today we will learn about number names. Number names mean writing numbers in words. We will learn them while playing this fun game. Are you all ready?

Squarho, Triho, Cirha and Cirho : Yes!

Uncle Math : Let me introduce the rules of this exciting game. Each one of you will spin this spinning wheel with numbers, when it will land on any number, the player will press the respective number name displayed on the board to reveal the gift, you win. Who wants to go first?

Squarho : I want to go first! I want to go first.

Uncle Math : Sure!

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Squarho : 1…2…3…spin to win!

[The pin rotates and stops at a number.]

Squarho : Oh no! I am clueless about how to press my number on the board. How will I get my gift?

Uncle Math : No fear, when I am here! Number names are just the numbers expressed in words. Just like we all have our names, numbers also have their own specific names. For example, number 1 is referred to as ONE, number 2 as TWO, number 3 as THREE,
number 4 as FOUR, number 5 as FIVE, number 6 as SIX, number 7 as SEVEN, number 8 as eight, number 9 as NINE and number 10 as TEN.

Squarho : Wow, numbers too have names like us.

Uncle Math : Squarho, you need to press two, as you landed on the number 2.

Squarho : Sure, Uncle Math. Thank you, for helping me.

[As Squarho pressed two, all were surprised to see the watermelons displayed on the board.]

[Miraculously, two watermelons appeared!]

Squarho : Hurray! Two watermelons.

Uncle Math : Who will come next?

Cirha : My turn, my turn.

Uncle Math : Sure!

Cirha : 1…2…3…spin to win!

Cirha : I know the name of this number. Just now, Uncle Math explained that, the number is nine.

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Cirha : Yes! I love pineapples.

[Swoosh! Magically nine pineapples appeared.]

Cirha : Yipiee! Nine pineapples.

Triho : I will go next, Uncle Math.

Uncle Math : Go ahead, Triho.

Triho : 1…2…3…spin to win!

[The pin stops at a number.]

Triho : I suppose this number is called fourteen. Am I right, Uncle Math?

Uncle Math : No, Triho, this number is fifteen and not fourteen. There are slight changes in the number names from 11 to 20. 11 is referred to as ELEVEN. 12 is referred to as TWELVE. We use the teen suffix at the end of all numbers, from 13 to 19 like THIRTEEN, FOURTEEN, FIFTEEN, SIXTEEN, SEVENTEN, EIGHTEEN and NINETEEN.

Triho : Oh! Is it a teen family, Uncle Math?

Uncle Math : Ha! Ha! There is one more interesting fact about the number names for multiples of 10. For numbers that end in zero, we add the “ty” suffix at the end, so 20 is referred to as TWENTY, 30 as THIRTY, 40 as FOURTY, 50 as FIFTY, 60 as SIXTY, 70 as SEVENTY, 80 as EIGHTY, 90 as NINETY.

Cirho : Press the magic number, Triho! See your gifts. We cannot wait any longer!

Triho : Thank you, Uncle Math. I am so excited to see my favourite fruit on the board.

[Miraculously, fifteen mangoes appeared!]

Triho : Hurray! Fifteen mangoes, my mouth is watering.

Uncle Math : Cirho, your wait is over. Come, spin and win.

Cirho : Yes, Uncle Math.

Cirho : Yes, Uncle Math.

Cirho : 1…2…3…spin to win!

[Cirho exerts all his power to spin the wheel and the wheel spins with lightening speed.]

Squarho, Triho and Cirha : Cirho! Cirho! Cirho!

Cirho : Awesome, 2 0 that is twenty, I did it! Am I right, Uncle Math?

Uncle Math : Absolutely correct, Cirho.

Cirho : Twenty strawberries! It is my lucky day today!

Cirho : Wow! I got twenty strawberries. I love strawberries.

Narrator : Kids loved playing with the wheel of numbers. Indeed, this is a meaningful day of learning number names and receiving wonderful gifts.

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