Math Story : Point, Line, Ray And Line Segment

Robbery In Samper Town

Uncle Math : Oh no! Another robbery in Samper town. All the expensive items in the neighbourhood are gone. We need to find a way to stop this.

Squarho : What can we do? I am scared they might come and steal our expensive and rare gadgets too!

Uncle Math : Yes, we will have to be exta careful.

Cirha : Uncle Math, we have created something to protect us.

Uncle Math : Really? What is it?

Cirha : It’s a special robot we made! For this, we studied 4 important concepts : line segment, line, ray and point. We used a square head and then, each of us designed a part using points, line segments, rays, and lines.

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Uncle Math : Wow, it looks amazing! Can you explain it in more detail?

Squarho : Sure, Uncle Math. I designed the eyes, that are points on the diagram. A point is the exact location of any object shown by a dot. A point has no length, breadth or depth. Points in geometry are always represented by capital letters. Here, I have named them A and B.

Uncle Math : Well done Squarho!

Triho : I designed the line segment in the robot. A line segment connects two points and has a fixed length. It is denoted by two capital letters with a bar on top. I raised the robot’s height by using a very long vertical line segment named CD, so it can see everything from that height.

Uncle Math : Good job, Triho!

Cirha : I learned about lines! A line is the path of a moving dot, and it has no starting or ending point. Lines can vary in direction and thickness. The signal line on the robot’s head can detect any suspicious activity or entry of any unusual trespasser in Samper town and it would activate the alarm.

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Uncle Math : Actually, Cirha, the signal line you made has a starting point, so it’s called a ray. A ray is a straight line with one fixed endpoint that extends infinitely in one direction.

Cirha : Oh, I understand now. It’s a ray, not a line!

Cirho : Uncle Math, I also studied rays. They are like lines but with one fixed endpoint and the ray can be stretched indefinitely only in one direction. A ray cannot be measured as it has no fixed length. Ray is denoted by two capital letters with an arrow pointing in one direction on top of them. The robot’s eyes can emit magic rays to freeze trespassers on the spot!

Uncle Math : Amazing, Cirho! I will turn it into a real robot with my 3D gadget.

Squarho, Cirha, Cirho and Triho : Hurray! Samper town will be safe now.

Narrator : The next night, the siren rings loudly, and everyone rushes to the robot.

Cirha : Look at Acirho and Atriho. They are stuck and frozen.

Narrator : The kids and Uncle Math burst into laughter, realizing the robot’s magic rays successfully caught the trespassers.

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