Math Story : Repeating Patterns With Shapes

Secret Locker And The Robbery

Narrator: Uncle Math looks really busy. He is packing something. But why?

Narrator: Oh! Uncle Math is going on a trip. Before leaving, he calls all the kids and asks them to visit him.

Uncle Math: Children! I am going on an important trip. I will be back in two days. Till then, I want you all to take care of my precious things.

Narrator: He leads them into a secret room.

Narrator: He opens a secret locker inside the secret room. This secret locker has all the precious Math gadgets designed by him.

Triho: Do not worry, Uncle Math. We will take care of your gadgets.

Cirha: I have an idea, we can keep watch on the secret locker by taking turns. This would not strain anyone, and we would get ample rest as well.

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Narrator: Everybody loves her idea and decides to go ahead with it. They choose to take turns in this order : Squarho, Cirha, Triho, and Cirho.

Narrator: Day 1 is over. The gadgets are safe. Kids decide to follow the same order to watch the secret locker on Day 2.

Narrator: Meanwhile, Atriho and his gang hear about Uncle Math’s trip and decide to rob all his important gadgets in his absence.

Atriho: His gadgets will make us even stronger and more powerful. Hahaha!

Narrator: It is Triho’s turn to watch the secret locker. Squarho and Cirha are resting. Cirho: Run! Save yourself!

Cirho: Atriho and his gang are coming to attack us.

Squarho: What do we do now? We cannot leave the gadgets. Atriho and his gang will use these gadgets to harm the people.

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Narrator: Cirha decides to lead again. She asks Squarho to use all his strength and stop them from entering the house. She instructs Cirho to help people stay safe in their houses.

Cirha: Let us go and protect the secret locker, Triho.

Triho: Idea! Let us set a secret password for the secret locker. Without the password, the locker won’t open. I am sure Atriho and the gang will not be able to crack the password.

Cirha: Its a good idea. Let’s go with it.

Triho: Let us use a pattern here. How about we create a pattern using us?

Cirha: What? I do not understand, Triho.

Triho: Come, I will show you!

Triho: We are made up of 4 shapes. Squarho (a square), Cirho (a circle), Cirha (a circle), and me (a triangle). So our password can be.

Cirha: Yes, That’s great!

Narrator: They immediately set the password and leave the secret room to hide.

Narrator: Atriho attempts to crack the password to unlock the locker, but nothing works. They give up and run back to their land. The kids are happy.

Triho: Thanks Cirha, you have been amazing leader in this tough situation.

Squarho: Without you, this would not have happened, Cirha. You identified our strengths and used them to get off the bad gang.

Cirha: We are the best team.

Uncle Math: Hey children, I am back!

Narrator: It looks like nothing has happened. The kids tell him about the attack and how they used patterns to protect the gadgets. Uncle Math is proud of the kids. The gadgets are safe. Samper town is safe.

We Learnt That…

  • To create a repeating pattern with shapes:
  • Identify the shapes you want to include.
  • Follow a rule.
  • Repeating pattens can also be formed by repeating colours, numbers or alphabets.
  • A good leader is someone who identifies the strengths of the team and uses them to achieve success.

Let’s Discuss!

  • What did Uncle Math ask us to take care of?
  • How did we save the secret locker from Atriho and his gang?
  • Cirha knows what her friends are good at. She uses their strengths to save the gadgets. What does this tell you about Cirha?

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