Math Story : Repeating Patterns

Repeating Patterns And Secret Locker

Cirha: Uncle Math, why does everything in your house look so different today?

Uncle Math: Haha. Can you be specific, Cirha?

Cirha: Look here! Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, the shapes are repeating on the wall.

Triho: Yes, see here, red book, yellow book, green book, red book, yellow book, green book, there are also books on the bookshelf that are repeating as per the colours.

Cirho: Even here! 1 red flower, 2 yellow flowers, 1 red flower, 2 yellow flowers, the flowers are repeating too.

Uncle Math: That is because I arranged the house using repeating patterns to get a nicer look!

Uncle Math: A pattern where things just keep on repeating, over and over is called a Repeating Pattern. Like on the wall, the square and circle are repeating. In the bookshelf, the red, yellow, and green colours are repeating. Finally, a red flower and two yellow flowers are repeating.

Squarho: Amazing! But why did you call us here today?

Uncle Math: Because I am going on another important trip and want you all to protect the secret locker of gadgets again from the bad robots.

Narrator: The kids understand everything and assure Uncle Math that he should be carefree. Soon after, he grabs his suitcase and leaves.

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Narrator: Soon, the news of Uncle Math’s trip spreads all over the town. The bad robots plan to take advantage of this situation and steal all the gadgets to harm the citizens.

Atriho: This time, they will not be able to save the gadgets.

Narrator: Mr Messenger informs Triho and the friends about Atriho’s plans. Everybody seems tense. Cirho: This time, we may not be able to stop Atriho and his gang. We need to think of a better solution.

Triho: Idea! Why not change the place of the gadgets itself?

Triho: Cirho and Squarho, you should guard the entrance and stop the bad robots from entering the house. Cirha and I will go and open the secret locker and take the gadgets out.

Cirha: Oh no! The password has been changed. How will we open the secret locker now?

Narrator: She is panicking, but Triho does not lose his calm. He quickly notices something near the keyboard of the locker.

Triho: Voila! I know how to unlock the locker.

Narrator: He quickly presses the keys on the keyboard and unlocks it. Then take all the gadgets and run away.

Narrator: Meanwhile, Atriho and his gang are surprised to see that the locker is empty.

Atriho: Argghh!! I won’t leave you, Triho!

Narrator: On the otherside, Cirha questions Triho about how he understood the password.

Triho: If you saw the keyboard, the upward triangle and downward triangle were repeating. All we had to do was to complete the repeating pattern. So I just pressed these keys alternately and completed the pattern.

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Narrator: The kids are jumping out of joy. Their teamwork and problem-solving skills helped them save the entire town again. Undoubtedly, Triho, Cirha, Cirho, and Squarho are a strong team.

Narrator: Atriho attempts to crack the password to unlock the locker, but nothing works. They give up and run back to their land. The kids are happy.

Triho: Thanks Cirha, you have been amazing leader in this tough situation.

Squarho: Without you, this would not have happened, Cirha. You identified our strengths and used them to get off the bad gang.

Cirha: We are the best team.

We Learnt That…

  • A pattern where the things just keep on repeating over and over is called ‘Repeating Pattern’.
  • We can create a repeating pattern using numbers, shapes, objects etc.
  • We could be smart alone but we are brilliant together.

Let’s Discuss!

  • What was different in Uncle Math’s house today?
  • What is a repeating pattern? Can you spot any repeating patterns around you?
  • How did we unlock the secret locker?
  • Together, we could easily defeat the bad robots. Have you worked together in a team to solve a problem?

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