Math Story : Square And Its Basic Properties

When Squarho Is Upset

Squarho is upset. “There is nothing special about me. I am useless!” he murmurs. All his friends try to cheer him up, but they fail. They start playing and invite him to join them. He refuses.

Suddenly, Triho sees an apple tree full of fresh red apples. He calls others to show them the tree. Now, all of them want to eat fresh apples.

One by one, they try to grab some apples from the tree but are unable to reach them. 

“What should we do now? I want to eat the apples!“ says disappointed Cirha. “Idea! How about we climb over each other and make a tower. I am sure we will be able to reach the branch”, says Triho excitedly. 

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“Wow! Great idea, let’s try. Come on, climb over me”, says Cirho. Triho climbs over him and tries to reach the branch. “Oouchh!” screams Cirho, as they fail to balance and fall. 

“Okay! Climb over me”, says Triho. His pointed corner hurt Cirho and, they fall.

Frustrated, Triho calls Squarho for help. “Squarho! We are unable to reach the tree. Will you help us? Please?”, he pleads. 

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Seeing his friends struggle, Squarho decides to help. “Alright! Climb over me”, he says. The moment Triho stands on Squarho, he easily balances and plucks some apples from the tree. All the friends are happy.

“Squarho, because of you, we could get fresh apples. You are amazing!” thanks Cirha. “But why could we stand on Squarho only? Why not Cirho or me?” asks curious Triho.

Uncle Math was passing by as he overhears the friends. He laughs and says, “Ha Ha! You could stand on Squarho because he is like the shape Square!” 

“A Square has four sides of equal length. These four sides combine to form four corners. When you turn a square in any way, it looks the same. Interesting right? You can easily stand on a square because the four equal sides and corners provide the needed support to balance. Okay! I have to go now. Bye!” All the friends say bye to him. 

Meanwhile, Squarho is amazed! He reiterates the points mentioned by Uncle Math and matches them with his body. “I am not useless, I am special too!” he exclaims. 

All the friends agree with Squarho and praise him. They happily eat and enjoy the apples.

We Learnt That…

  • A square has four sides of the same length and four corners.
  • Square objects are easy to balance.
  • We should never give up. When one solution does not work, another will, just keep trying.
  • Everyone is special. We should just believe in ourselves.

Let’s Discuss

  • Why was Squarho upset?
  • What is so special about a square shape?
  • Why were we able to reach the branch only by standing on Squarho?
  • How was Squarho feeling initially? How did his feelings change by the end?
  • If you come across a similar scenario where your loved one is feeling useless, how will you help them?

Experience the immersive video version of this captivating story by clicking the link below, and let the excitement come to life :

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