Math Story : Types Of Lines

A Night At The Amusement Park

It’s a picnic night. Uncle Math and the kids are heading to an amusement park. Woohoo! Everybody seems excited and charged up. Quickly, they roll on their wheels and reach the park. 

The first ride is Mr Horizontal Line. It is simple and easy. It takes them straight from left to right. What a smooth ride that was! 

“This was so simple. We should try some tough ride now”, says excited Squarho. Uncle Math takes them to Mr Vertical Line. This ride drops them down from a height. “Oh my God!” screams Cirha. The kids are enjoying the ride. 

Now, it is time to try something more adventurous! Mr Spiral Line is the next ride. “Haww! This ride looks so scary. I will not take it”, says Cirho. All the friends force him to take the ride and he agrees. 

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As Cirho boards Mr Spiral Line he starts sweating profusely. It looks like he is too scared. Wanting to face his fear, Cirho decides to continue. 

The ride begins. “Swoosh! Zap! Zoom!” It takes them on a roller coaster ride along the curved lines.

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“It was definitely thrilling”,  says Cirho after completing the ride. He faced his fear today. Awesome! The fun is not over yet. The next ride is Mr Zigzag Line. This ride requires them to sit alone. “Oh no! Alone?” mumbles Cirha. She is scared to sit alone. 

Everybody boards Mr Zigzag Line. Cirha takes a couple of deep breaths and calms herself down. She also wants to overcome her fear like Cirho. 

“Swoosh! Zap! Zoom!” The ride takes them up and down following a zigzag path. “Hurray! This is awesome”, says Cirha. Facing fears is always fun.  

Zing zing amazing! The rides were super fun. “I am so hungry now! Let us go and eat something”, says Triho. “How about a race? Whoever reaches the restaurant first gets to order the food”, says Uncle Math. The kids are delighted. 

Squarho and Cirho team up. Triho and Cirha also team up. They quickly roll on their wheels and move straight following the parallel track. Strangely, they do not collide anywhere and reach the restaurant at the same time. 

Finally, Uncle Math announces both the teams as winners. Now, everybody gets to order their favourite dish. After such a wonderful day, it is time to enjoy their delicious meal.

We Learnt That…

  • The horizontal line is like a sleeping line and the vertical line is like a standing line.
  • The curved line is not straight but bent.
  • The zigzag line looks like a series of hills.
  • Parallel lines are two straight lines that never meet.
  • We should always face our fears and not run away from them.
  • Whenever we are scared or stressed, we should always take a few deep breaths to calm ourselves down.

Let’s Discuss

  • Where were we going today?
  • What were the different rides that we took at the amusement park? Also, explain the path the rides took.
  • Being scared of Mr Spiral Line, Cirho was courageous to complete the ride. What does this tell you about him?
  • How did Cirha calm herself down and face her fear?
  • Should we face our fears or run away from them? Why or why not?

Experience the immersive video version of this captivating story by clicking the link below, and let the excitement come to life :

Please refer this guide by Fun2Do Labs for teaching types of lines to kids :