Math Story : Types Of Triangles

Kennel For The Puppies

Cirha : Triho, look at those poor puppies. The sun is so hot, and they do not even have a shelter. I wish we could make a kennel for them.

Triho : What is a kennel?

Cirha : A kennel is a home for dogs, but I do not know how to construct one. How about asking Uncle Math to help us make one?

Cirha : Hello, Uncle Math! We need your help once again. Can you help us construct a kennel for the puppies? Poor puppies do not have a home.

Uncle Math : Sure, I will help you kids.

Uncle Math : Okay, here is the design. Let me help you with the first step. According to the design I will arrange these 3 rectangular pieces, 1 , 2 and 3 boards of equal size.

Cirha and Triho : Wow, Uncle Math. This is already looking good.

Uncle Math : Oh no! I just remembered some urgent work, I need to leave. Can you both cut a triangle out of the board and place it here in the empty space?

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Triho : Sure, I remember, a triangle is a three sided shape with three corners.

Uncle Math : Correct Triho! One more important fact about triangles is that the sum of all three angles in a triangle is 180°.

Uncle Math : Okay kids, now make the triangles and complete the dog house. I will be back soon.

Cirha and Triho : Okay, Uncle Math. Bye!

Uncle Math : I am back kids! Have you both made the triangles? Let me see.

Triho : Yes, Uncle Math. We finished making two triangles but we are unable to fit them in the kennel. Please help us, we are totally confused.

Uncle Math : Triho, the triangle you made, has two equal sides. That is an isosceles triangle. Cirha, the triangle you made, has no equal sides. That is a scalene triangle. To make the triangle fit into the kennel, we need to make an equilateral triangle .

Cirha : Uncle Math, what is an equilateral triangle?

Uncle Math : See, I have made this equilateral triangle. It has three equal sides. This is perfectly fitting in the kennel.

Triho : Wow! This is perfect! The puppies will be safe here.

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Cirha : This looks so good! Shall we add some windows to make the kennel airy as well?

Uncle Math : Good idea, Cirha.

Triho : Uncle Math, shall we add triangular windows?

Uncle Math : Sure, why not? What kind of window do you want to add? There are three kinds of triangles based on the angles. An acute triangle is formed when all interior angles are less than 90°. An obtuse triangle is formed when one of the interior angles is more than 90° and a right triangle is when one of the interior angle is exact 90°. Which one should we make?

Cirha : Uncle Math, I think two right angled triangles would look good.

Uncle Math : Okay, let us make two right angled triangles but we should keep in mind that the side opposite to the right angle will be the longest side and is called the hypotenuse.

Cirha : Aww! Look at them, they look so happy.

Triho : They are so cute, and the kennel is perfect for them.

Uncle Math : Good job, kids. You both have been so thoughtful in making kennel for puppies in such a hot and sunny weather.

Cirha and Triho : Thank you, Uncle Math.

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