Does Cirha Have Enough Money

Topic: Composing An Amount

Cirha wants to buy her favourite book from the bookstore. It costs 50 coins. “Oh no! I do not have that much money”, she says to herself and returns home.

Disappointed, she is thinking of various ways to buy the book. “Idea! I can save my pocket money and use it to buy the books”, she says. A brilliant idea indeed!

Day by day, Cirha saves some amount and adds to her piggy bank. “It has been a week since I have been saving. I must have 50 coins now”, she says. She takes our all the coins from her piggy bank and starts counting. “10 coins + 10 coins + 5 coins + 5 coins, how much is that?” says Cirha. “30 coins! Still not enough to buy the book”, she says.

Continuing her saving, she checks her piggy bank after few days. Will she have enough money to buy the book this time? “10 + 10 + 5 + 5 + 10 + 5 + 5, how much is that?” she thinks. Yes! That is 50 coins. Hurray! Cirha can buy her book now. She safely places her coins back into the piggy bank.

Thud! Suddenly, Cirha hears a loud sound as if a heavy object fell outside. She goes to check out.

But she finds nothing. “It must be a distraction”, she thinks and walks back inside.

As she walks into her room, she notices that her piggy bank is broken and the money has been stolen. “What! Somebody stole my money. This is so bad. I had saved it for so many days. Boohoo!”, she cries disappointedly.

“I am sure the bad robots must have stolen it”, she says to herself. Cirha did not keep her piggy bank safely inside. Since it was carelessly placed outside, the bad robots stole the money.

“I will start saving the money again. But this time I’ll keep the piggy bank locked inside my cupboard”, she says. Cirha is a brave girl indeed.

Day by day, Cirha saves small amounts and keeps them in her piggy bank. Soon she manages to save 50 coins again. Hurray!

She rushes to the bookstore. A sale is going on in the bookstore. A sale is a period during which a shop sells items at reduced prices. Cirha is thrilled. “Wow! I will get my book at a lower price now!” she says.

The book price has dropped to 35 coins in the sale. Cirha hands over her 50 coins to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper gives her the book. Cirha quickly takes it and walks back home.

But soon she realizes that she forgot to collect the change from the shopkeeper. But how much change should she get back? “50 – 35 = 15. I will get back 15 coins as a change”. she says and rushes to the shop.

“You gave me 35 coins only! Don’t lie and go back”, says the shopkeeper. Cirha is shocked to see this behaviour. “So you cheat people like this? Just give me my 15 coins back otherwise, I will call the police. You will get good punishment for cheating the citizens!” she says furiously.

Hearing this, the shopkeeper gets frightened and immediately returns her 15 coins. Cirha takes it and walks back home proudly.

She reads the book before sleeping at night. She can finally sleep peacefully today. She bought her book after so many hardships. Cirha is brave indeed.

We Learnt That…

  • We can compose an amount by adding various notes and coins.
  • To find out the change to be received, always use subtraction.
  • Saving money to buy your favourite things is the best way to spend money wisely.
  • If something is wrong, do not fear to voice it out.

Let’s Discuss!

  • Why was I sad?
  • How did I decide to buy her favourite book?
  • How did I find the change to be received?
  • I saved for many days to buy her favourite book. Have you also saved money before?
  • The shopkeeper cheated me. Was he right?