Properties Of Division

Students always find it hard to understand the purpose of studying the properties of different operations. The purpose of properties is to help us calculate the result quickly. Basically, properties act like shortcuts to perform the operations.

There are 3 properties of division:

1. Division by one
2. Division by itself property
3. Division by zero property

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Division by one property:
– When we divide a number by 1, the answer is the number itself. Eg: 5 ➗ 1=5

Division by itself property:
– When we divide a number by itself, the answer is always 1. Eg: 5 ➗ 5=1

Division by zero property :
– Dividing 0 with any number, the result will always be 0.
– We cannot divide any number with 0. The result is undefined.
– The use of 0 in Math could be tricky, but understanding its meaning and purpose definitely simplifies its application
Eg: 0➗5=0, 5 ➗ 0=undefined

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Different ways of teaching properties:

Teaching through stories :

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