Add With Mr Place Value

Topic: Add With Carry Over

“Do you remember the Moon chocolate that Uncle Math had given us some days back?” asks Cirha. “Oh yes! It was delicious. Bt why do you ask?” says Triho. “I want to eat it again. But how?” she answers. 

“Uncle Math must have it. Let us go and ask him”, says Triho. Together they leave for his house. 

Uncle Math is happy to see them. Cirha narrates her wish of eating the Moon chocolate. “Oh, dear! That was the last share that I gave to you guys. I don’t have any of it remaining”, he says. Cirha is disappointed. Seeing her so sad, Triho gets sad too. 

“Look at your sad faces. I cannot see you like that. Come let us go and buy some Moon chocolate”, says Uncle Math. The sad kids turn into happy kids now. Triho and Cirha immediately leave to get some money. 

“Alright! Lets board”, instructs Uncle Math. “But where are we going? I thought the moon chocolate was available in local supermarket”, says Triho. “Haha! No dear. As the name suggest, I bought the moon chocolate from the moon. So we are going to the moon”, says Uncle Math. Wow! This is going to be fun. 

Swoosh! They board the spacecraft and take off to the moon. 

As they land on moon, kids are astonished looking at the environment. The moon has rocky land. It is colder than earth. The earth looks beautiful from the moon. Uncle Math takes them to somewhere. 

“A vending machine on the moon! Wow!” says Cirha. The kids get excited looking at the vending machine and the different chocolates placed inside it.

“Let us buy this”, says Cirha looking at the big tempting chocolate. “ꞙ 64”, says Triho looking at the price. Cirha can’t keep calm and starts pressing different buttons on the machine. “Enter the amount”, announces the vending machine. 

Immediately Cirha and Triho start counting their fun coins. They realize that they do not have enough fun coins to buy this chocolate individually. “What if we combine our fun coins together? I am sure we will have enough money then. Later we could share the chocolate”, suggests Triho.

Cirha agrees immediately. “How many fun coins do you have?” she asks. “35 fun coins”, says Triho. “I have 29 fun coins, so how many fun coins altogether?” she questions.

They quickly group all their money into 1s and 10s. “10, 20, 30, 40, 50”, says Triho while counting the 10s. “5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14”, says Cirha counting her 1s. “Now we will have to add 50 fun coins and 14 fun coins again. This is too time taking Triho,” says disappointed Cirha.

“Idea! 14 fun coins can also be grouped further into one 10 fun coins and 4 fun coins”, says Triho. So we have ꞙ 74!” says Cirha. She immediately starts entering the coins into the machine. “Wrong amount!” announces the machine. Cirha looses her calm.

She starts hitting the vending machine. Triho and Uncle Math are surprised to see this side of her. 

“Calm down Cirha! You want the chocolate and we will buy it. But relax. No fear when I am here”, says Uncle Math. 

“What if there was a quicker method to add your money? Would you like it?” questions Uncle Math. “Of course!” they say together. He decides to teach them the quicker method by using Mr  Place Value again.

“Let us begin with entering your amounts”, says Uncle Math as he enters ꞙ 35 and ꞙ 29. Soon after the numbers are input, Mr Place Value displays the number as a table with columns ‘Tens’ and ‘Ones’. The kids are amazed.

“How many tens and ones are there in 35?” questions Uncle Math. “3 tens and 5 ones”, answers Triho.

“And how many tens and ones in 29?” asks Uncle Math. “2 tens and 9 ones”, answers Cirha. “Oh! That is why Mr Place Value’s table has Tens and Ones columns”, says Triho making the connections.

“Correct! Now let us add all the ones from the right side. So 5+9 is equal to…”

“14”, says Cirha. Uncle Math smiles. “Now let us add all the tens on the left side. So 3+2= 5”, says Uncle Math. “ꞙ 514?” says Triho doubtfully.

“Haha! No. Every column in Mr  Place value can have single-digit numbers only up to 9. But now the ones column has 14 which is greater than 9. That means we will have to shift the tens in 14 to the tens column like this”, explains Uncle Math.

Writing 1 on the top of Tens column and erasing it from the ones column, he asks, ”Now can you add the numbers?” Cirha excitedly answers, “ꞙ 64”. Mr Place Value displays the answer and announces “Correct Answer!” The kids are happy.

“Mr Place Value’s method is so quick Uncle Math. We did not even have to group the objects physically and find the total. Just enter the numbers. Add the ones first. If the total is more than 9, shift the tens to the next column. Then add all tens. Voila! We have the answer”, says Triho excitedly.

Uncle Math smiles. Together, they quickly add the amount into the vending machine. The machine opens. Triho and Cirah quickly grab the moon chocolate and are super happy. Uncle Math is happy having taught a new method using Mr  Place Value.  It is time to head back home.

We Learnt That…

  • When we add bigger numbers, we need to regroup them.
  • To add with carry over:
    • Write the numbers in the place value table
    • Add the numbers in Ones Column
    • If the result is greater than 9, carry the tens to the Tens Column
    • Add all the numbers in the Tens Column
  • Sharing increases our happiness.

Let’s Discuss

  • Where were we going today?
  • How did Cirha add the amount initially?
  • How did Mr Place Value help in adding faster?