Percentages have always been a problematic subject for children. The majority of them fail to understand usability and its need in daily life. Let us understand percentages in a better way. Also discover ways to teach them in an easy way. 

What is a percentage?

  • Per means for each and cent means 100.
  • Percentage means for every 100.
  • The percentage is a special type of fraction that always has 100 in the denominator, and we indicate them by using this percentage symbol %.
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Why percentages numbers are needed?

We use percentages to make fractional calculations easier. It is much simpler to work with parts of 100 than thirds, twelfths and so on. 

Percentages are used everywhere. Some of the examples are:

  • Shopping: 
  • Interest rates
  • Exam score

Relation between fractions, decimals and percentages:

We know that decimals are also kind of fractions and percentages too. So let us understand how they are related. 

  • Percentage, decimals and fractions are all related and can be converted into each other forms.
  • To convert a fraction into a percentage, remove 100 from the denominator and add % symbol to the numerator digit.
  • To convert a decimal fraction into a percentage, just multiply with a hundred. 

Different ways of teaching:

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Uncle Math 9 to 11 Years App Banner

Teaching through stories:

Teaching through activities: 

  • Fraction, decimal and percentage train: The fractions, decimals, visuals and percentages will be put together in the box. Students will have to match all the related fractions, decimals and percentages accordingly.