Ratio And Proportion

Most of the explanations for ratios and proportions are based on fractions. A ratio is a fraction that can be expressed as a:b, but a proportion says that two ratios are equal. In this case, a and b can be any two integers.

Ratio and proportion are the foundation for grasping many different concepts in mathematics and science. Ratio and proportion are useful in daily life while dealing with money and cooking recipes for different dishes.

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In some circumstances, the division method of comparison of two quantities is effective. We can say that a ratio is the comparison of two quantities of the same type.  The ratio can be defined as the number that can be used to represent one quantity as a percentage or fraction of another.

Ratio Formula : 

In mathematics, the symbol “:” is used to express ratio, 

Ratio of a to b = a : b = a / b   

Here, the first quantity of the ratio is called antecedent, whereas the second quantity of the ratio is called consequent. 


An equation known as proportion shows that the two ratios presented are equal to one another.  In terms of proportion, two sets of given numbers are said to be directly proportional if they increase or decrease in the same ratio.

Two ratios are said to be in proportion when their values are equal. Proportion is represented by the symbol::’ or ‘=’.

Proportion Formula : 

Let’s now assume that the two ratios are a:b & c:d in proportion. The terms “a” and “d” are referred to as “extremes or extreme terms,” whereas the two terms “b” and “c” are known as “means or mean terms.”

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Teaching ratio and proportion  with kid-friendly, clear, and easy-to-understand posters from Uncle Math School by Fun2Do Labs :


Learning ratio and proportion can be made enjoyable by incorporating interactive games and activities.

Shadow Show!

  • Students should first measure the height of one student, then their shadow. 
  • Write the two values as a ratio, with the student’s height in inches and the length of the shadow in inches being separated by a colon. 
  •  Ask the children to measure the length and shadow of different objects and express the values in ratio.


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